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Welcome to our Spring Bulbs/Plant page!

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This year Troop 165 is selling the finest quality of beautiful fresh annuals, perennials  and hanging baskets as a fund raiser. We will use all funds to help the scouts go to summer camp, attend activities throughout the year, purchase troop outing equipment and obtain a badly needed troop trailer. Please help us by participating in the sale.

Noble Valley offers the finest quality annuals, perennials, hanging baskets, and specialty items grown just for you in our Michigan greenhouses. In 2010 you can also special order other annuals, perennials, vegetables and boxwoods not on our price list if you call for availability.

Featured Products


  • Marigolds “Yellow Boys”
  • Lobelia Blue
  • Lobelia Blue
  • Petunia Mix
  • Petunia Red
  • Petunia White
  • Petunia Blue
  • Geranium Hybrid Red
  • Geranium Hybrid White


  • Pansy Mix
  • Viola “Johnny Jump Up”
  • Blue Ageratum
  • Vinca “Bright Eyes”


  • Impatiens Mix
  • Impatiens Red
  • Impatiens White
  • Impatiens Pink
  • Begonia Mix
  • Begonia Red
  • Coleus
Bedding Plants Brochure

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(Each package is only $6!)

We still offer a wide variety of products that have been enjoyed by countless people in our area year after year.

Please choose "Spring Planting Bulbs & Plants" below for order information.

NOTE: On the order page, please choose the "Spring Bulbs" category in the upper left corner of the page to view them.

Ordering Directions


~ "The bulbs and plants were delivered right on time so I could start my spring planting. The flowers were in great shape. I ordered some last year also and they were absolutely beautiful. I'll order again." ~ The Greys

~ "Friendly service, great bulbs. Every one of them came up last year, come back in fall when you sell your fall bulbs." ~ The Johnsons

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