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For more information please call - (414)788-2048


  • Troop meetings are normally held on Sundays either 6:00-8:00 or 6:30-8:30pm alternating between  Amy Belle School and the Bark Lake American Legion Hall. Please check the Troop Calendar. They are held generally 2-3 times per month, including PLC (Patrol Leaders Council). Some meeting dates are changed to accomodate preparation for different activites the troop may be doing.
    Meetings are currently held on Sunday evenings to accommodate various sport seasons which usually involve 2/3 of the troop.

  • PLC meetings are held once per month.

  • Troop Committee meetings are held once per month. Either at the Bark Lake Legion Hall or if possible, on the second Tuesday of each month at a predeterrmined time.

Troop 165 Policy for Scout Behavior and Discipline:

Troop Guide:  
SPL:  Sam
ASPL:  Emmett
New Scout Patrol Leader:  
Patrol Leader: Ian
Asst. Patrol Leader: Rockwell
Patrol Leader: Zack
Asst. Patrol Leader: Caden
Quarter Master: Caden
Historian: Emmett
Scribe: Rockwell
Bugler: Emmett
Hooter Patrol Patch Dragon Patrol Patch Blank Patrol Patch
Flying Yeti Patrol: Hash Tag Patrol: New Scout Patrol:
Patrol Leader- Ian Patrol Leader- Zack Troop Guide- 
Asst. Leader-Rockwell Asst. Leader-Caden Patrol Leader- 
Reece Evan  
Matt Aj  
Alex L Ryan  


  • Coming soon! Will add when information is received.